Combined for more fundraising power


JANUARY 11, 2016

From: Rick Anderson, President of The Chip Shoppe

The Chip Shoppe Announces The Acquisition/Merger
with Cherrydale Farms Fundraising.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania/St. Cloud, Minnesota - Cherrydale Fundraising announces the agreement to acquire The Chip Shoppe Sales Force. This transaction instantly has created one of the largest product fundraising companies in the United States. This event will significantly expand Cherrydale's client base, and national brand throughout North America by combining the latest in technological innovations (digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce) with local service.

Ross Cherry, of Cherrydale, commented: "Combining the fundraising talent from both companies, now gives exciting new opportunities for all school groups, and nationwide community fundraiser drives, while still keeping local service needs paramount."

Rick Anderson from The Chip Shoppe, remarked "The Cherrydale brand has been running fundraisers nationally since 1907; a well respected cornerstone of the school house industry. What our customers have grown to love about The Chip Shoppe has just gotten BIGGER and BETTER. Each Chip Shoppe fundraising representative, as well as owners, are now fully integrated into this new seamless structure. Every program will go on as usual for your local schools and community organizations, as you have come to expect!"

Ross Cherry will oversee the senior management team, including The Chip Shoppe owners Rick Anderson and Lisa Dieltz, together with the entire organization from both businesses.

If you have any questions, please reach out and talk with your sales representative or call us personally; we are happy to support you in every way!

Helping your school with more than just dough!