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Hands down working with The Chip Shoppe has exceeded our fundraising expectations. Our continued increase in sales, efficient product delivery and incredible personal service has been instrumental for me as a fundraising chair. Our profits have been amazing and contribute greatly to our childrens' educational experience. Having the right fundraising company has been key for our organization during a challenging time in our economy.

- Susan Keller-Schaefer, Co-President and Co-Fundraising Chair for Dover-Eyota PATT

The Chip Shoppe fundraiser was the most successful we've had in the past ten years! They were well organized, responsive and made the whole process easy. The distribution was seamless! Their food is delicious, the incentives motivated our students and their follow through was excellent. The local rep did a great job from start to finish!

- Kate Callahan, Principal of Grant Wood Elementary Iowa City, IA

The Chip Shoppe forms a partnership with you and your school. I appreciate the customer service they give our school. They do a fantastic job of letting parents know when the delivery day is with their phone system the night before! Our parents have given high remarks for the product that The Chip Shoppe has. One of the best things about The Chip Shoppe is working with Rick and Renee. They are friendly, professional, and they are with you every step of the way!

- Dan Collins, Principal - Elk River, MN

Greenleaf Elementary chose the Chip Shoppe because the catalog has many wonderful products and the representative is very energetic and organized. We chose correctly! Lisa is a fantastic representative! The teachers and families are happy with their food and item choices! The children selling over 35 items loved their limo ride. Greenleaf had a very successful fundraiser. We about doubled our profits! The Chip Shoppe exceeded our expectations!

- Greenleaf Elementary - Apple Valley, MN

Our school has used Chip Shoppe for our fundraisers and we have been extremely impressed with the quality of the products, the excellent profits that we have made, and the ease with which the products are delivered. Chip Shoppe is outstanding to work with.

- Jean Clark, Principal - Mississippi Heights Elementary School

We couldn’t have asked for a more helpful company to help us through a first time fundraiser. They were always available when we had questions and went above and beyond our expectations by paying close attention to details and sharing samples of their products with us! Follow through was great and once the product was delivered, they were still interested in making sure everything was taken care of.

- Paul Franzwa, Principal - Mondovi Elementary School, Mondovi, WI

Thank you for introducing us to the incredible fundraising opportunities at the Chip Shoppe. Profits from your fundraiser have allowed our school to give our students the very best. The quality and variety of your products have received many rave reviews from our families. Your dedication and commitment to outstanding customer service have lightened the load of our volunteers and staff. This season our school earned over $25,000 with you doing all the work. We no longer bother with time consuming events that require countless volunteers. We are now free to spend our time and money on our students. Thank you for another successful year!

- Jo Ann Pederson, PTA President - Grey Cloud Elementary

Everything went so smoothly. Wow! That was the easiest one I have ever done and everyone seemed to like the variety of product. Thank you!

- Sondy

I wanted to write and thank you so much for all that Scott and Mary Halbleib did to make our fundraiser a success. I enjoyed working with the two of them and couldn't have asked for better service. This was our first year working with your company and with the Halbleibs. After our extremely positive experience, I would recommend your company to anyone—as long as Scott and Mary are a part of the package! I appreciated several things through-out the fundraising process:

  1. They were willing to have our original meeting to discuss th e sale during the summer at a place where my kids could tag along and be entertained. At that meeting they were open to lots of ideas for incentives and they took their time explaining all the pros and cons.
  2. The kick-off meetings with the students were key. Scott did a great job of keeping to the time limit and getting the kids excited about selling.
  3. The sales packets arrived right when expected and were collated and organized.
  4. They we're quick in responding when we had a need. I called about wanting publicity posters and within a day they were at my door.
  5. The delivery was on time and extremely accurate. The delivery driver was very nice and easy to work with. The paperwork provided for the delivery was amazing. Mary had great ideas for the night of delivery that made the process go very smoothly. When we saw a concern, Mary was on the phone quickly with an answer or a fax being sent right away. The number system for the order sheets and line-up of boxes worked well.

In a time when the economy isn't very strong, we were expecting a lower profit than last year's fundraiser. Instead we made over $2000 more than last year's fundraiser. Thanks so much for the time and energy Scott and Mary poured into our school and the help they provided with the fundraiser. They are true assets to your company.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season!

- Carol